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J.J. Abrams Confirms ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Script Is Complete

Abrams confirmed through the Television Critics Association press tour on Sunday the script regarding Star Wars: Episode VII will be complete and also filming will start in Could 2014. in November asianwebcam 2013, Lucasfilm announced that Episode VII can be great website here scheduled to become within theaters in December 18th, 2015. . via Entertainment Weekly image through The Exorcist sequel trilogy J.J. Abrams Confirms ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Script Is Actually Total and also Filming Will Begin throughout Might 2014 According in order to Entertainment Weekly, J.J

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Amid clashes, unclear roadmap for peace in Ukraine

When that did not happen, hundreds broke off from the main rally and marched toward parliament, where they began attacking riot police with sticks, firebombs and stones. But the demonstrators have been frustrated by the fragmented and often indecisive opposition leadership. Opposition leader Vitali Klitschko, a world heavyweight boxing champion, tried to stop the violence, but was attacked by the radical protesters. The pro-Western protests in Kiev began Nov. HOW IT ALL BEGAN KIEV, Ukraine (AP) " After a night of vicious street battles, anti-government protesters and police clashed again Monday in Ukraine's capital. Instead, Yanukovych issued a statement urging Ukrainians not to take part in the street confrontations. View galleryA stun grenade explodes as protesters clash with police during unrest in central Kiev, Ukraine, Mond ... THE MOST RECENT TRIGGER When Sunday's large demonstration began peacefully, the crowd repeatedly chanted "Leader!" to demand clear direction for its goals. Police responded with tear gas. "Get into cars, vans, buses," he said in a video address. Unconvinced, hundreds of activists rallied outside the EU office in Kiev on Monday, chanting "We need your help!" in English and holding posters that read "No sanctions, no peace." View prepare…" data-src-2x="[/img]Protesters clad in improvised protective gear prepare for a clash with police in central Kiev, Ukrai .... And if one does not understand this today, tomorrow it will be too late." Raw: Protesters, Police Clash in Ukraine CapitalPlay video The violence in Kiev has seriously escalated Ukraine's political crisis, which has been marked by two months of largely peaceful protests. Police responded with tear gas, water cannons and plastic bullets. Unrest, Conflicts & WarPolitics & GovernmentViktor YanukovychUkraine WHERE IS THE WEST IN ALL THIS? Yuras Karmanau contributed to this report. "We are tired of waiting, we must push the changes ourselves, we must change the leaders," said Petro Sopotensky, a 28-year-old protester. "The reaction of the international community has been inadequate," said Valeriy Chalyi, head of the Razumkov Center think tank. Clashes broke out on Dec. Hundreds of protesters, many wearing balaclavas, hurled rocks and stun grenades. Here's a look at the unclear roadmap for peace there: Amid clashes, unclear roadmap for peace in Ukraine - Yahoo News Klitschko, meanhile ,urged all Ukrainians to rush to Kiev to defend the country's future. ____ The law has highlighted Yanukovych's disregard for the protests, which have been calling for his ouster, the restoration of civil rights and a pro-Western course for Ukraine. The new law also prohibits activists from wearing helmets or masks to demonstrations, curbs free speech and limits the ability to investigate or monitor the activity of officials, including judges. On Monday, the EU urged the Ukrainian government to scrap the anti-protest legislation. The United States has called the legislation "undemocratic," and the European Union has urged Ukraine to revise it. THE OPPOSITION LACKS UNITY Opposition leaders have been urging the EU and the United States to impose sanctions on top Ukrainian officials and Yanukovych's financial backers, but Western diplomats have only threatened sanctions and issued harsh statements. Klitschko insisted that the president must personally take part, but by Monday night no such talks had been held. 1 between radical protesters and police, but the demonstrations had since been largely peaceful until Sunday's violence. The law mirrors anti-opposition legislation passed in Russia, prompting accusations that Yanukovych is following in Putin's footsteps by cracking down on his foes. "We are talking about Ukraine's independence. The demonstrations swelled to hundreds of thousands on some days " the biggest since Ukraine's 2004 pro-democracy Orange Revolution " after riot police violently broke up a small peaceful student protest. Another provision restricts the activity of non-governmental organizations funded by the West, as many are in Ukraine. Intent on preventing what he called a possible civil war, Klitschko went to Yanukovych's home Sunday night and emerged with a promise of negotiations. "You are needed here so that Ukraine is the winner, not Yanukovych." CAN TALKS DO THE TRICK? Sunday's violence came after Yanukovych pushed through a sweeping anti-protest law that significantly increases fines and imposes jail terms for unauthorized street protests. 21 after President Viktor Yanukovych shelved a long-planned political and economic treaty with the European Union, then accepted a huge bailout package from Russian President Vladimir Putin instead. But the president appointed the embattled national security council head Andriy Klyuyev, whom the opposition blames for the violent dispersal of the student rally, to lead the talks

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Home Screen Spotted

RELATEDZTE Geek Operating About Tizen Rumored To Become Proven Off at MWC 2014Nokia Lumia 1520 Mini/1520 V Rumored to Be in The WorksBanks Reportedly Prepared To Back Again Sprint's Program Associated With Acquiring great web site here T-MobileHTC M8 Could Arrive in March This YearLG G3 Rumored may 17th ReleaseFollow: galaxy s5, Samsung, Seen at: mashable Ubergizmo Do bear in mind which even when the over leaked screenshot will be headed for that Galaxy S5 eventually, the ultimate design may be different from your entire shebang which the thing is here, since there is often room for modifications and improvements ahead of the real deal is actually rolled out to the masses. Don"t you believe that it has its own style heritage which may be attributed to become able to Windows cool site here Phone"s Metro UI? . Accomplish you like what the thing is therefore far, as well as do you imagine that will Samsung is means better off making use associated with their TouchWiz user interface? Right After all, don't fix what isn't broken, right? Filed inHomepage > CellPhones > Rumors";document.write(gstring);
br>Remember our earlier story yesterday whenever we discussed a new leaked screenshot with the Samsung Journal UX? Well, it appears that there are generally some people that report that the actual leaked screenshot happens to become the actual residence screen for that upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5, which itself may be put through the fair variety of leaks and rumors already, quite a extended time before the actual device truly hits the particular market. Samsung Galaxy S5 Residence Screen Spotted (Rumor)By Edwin Keeon 01/20/2014 As mentioned before, the particular purported residence screen for that Galaxy S5 comprises of the column associated with cards, where it will flaunt information with regards to your web orders, sports results, upcoming flights, social contacts, upcoming concerts along with appointments, amongst others

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Obama Plays Race Card on Falling Poll Numbers While New Yorker's

The Dow is actually a lot much more than twice what it was when Obama took office, in 2009 ... Now let's find to just several (trust me -- I could continue and additionally on along with on) of David Remnick's acts regarding historical revisionism: When I asked Obama concerning an additional location associated with shifting public opinion--the legalization associated with marijuana--he seemed even much less eager for you to evolve with any dispatch and obtain before the particular issue. re?lection, he thought, had "liberated" Obama. Your second Inaugural Address was probably the most liberal since the nineteen-sixties. His greatest early frustration as President had been becoming forced to notice that his romantic vision of the post-partisan era, where there are certainly not any red states or blue states, just the United States, was, within practical terms, a new fantasy. Bush. The dream involving bipartisan cooperation glimmered once again following Obama won re?lection against Mitt Romney along with fifty-one % regarding the popular vote. I don't think it is more harmful when compared with alcohol." Notes: [1] - only someone who offers invested more than three decades in hermetically sealed leftist echo chambers (10 many years with most the Washington Publish and additionally over 20 at the New Yorker) would find "irony" in this. As Well bad anyone don't. But first, here's the paragraph where Obama, apparently sensation that the "it's Bush's fault I inherited every 1 associated with these messes" card might finally have got worn itself out, moves for the race card (bolds and numbered tags are usually mine): Yes, however he has 3 a lot more many years in order to go, David. "As has been well documented, I smoked pot as being a kid, along with I view it as a poor habit plus a vice, not necessarily completely different from the cigarettes that I smoked as getting a youthful individual up via a big chunk regarding my adult life. The congressional Republicans quashed almost all legislation as being a matter of principle and also shut along the government for sixteen days, before relenting out of sheer tactical confusion as well as embarrassment--and yet it absolutely was your President's miseries which dominated your year-end summations. It's inarguable in which Republicans inside the Home passed fairly several measures in 2012, and also which it was the particular Senate which in turn would the "quashing." One with the enduring mysteries of the Obama years is that therefore many members with the hyper-deluxe economy--corporate C.E.O.s as well as Wall Street bankers--have abandoned him. It's your completely predictable result of Obama's administration and the presidential campaigns, especially the 2012 reelection effort, stoking the racial divide in consequently many ways. Which doesn't think which Obama, specifically if your Republican wins throughout 2016, won't go no less than as EO-crazy as Clinton did? If so, Obama's EO total could well pass click this Carter (320), LBJ (325), and also Nixon (346). Really, I've got absolutely nothing pertaining to this. Your horse manure is indeed deep I need thigh-high boots.. [3] "Now, your flip facet regarding it's there certainly are a few black folks and maybe a number of white people who actually like me and also produce your benefit in the doubt precisely simply because I'm any black President." [4] The Actual latter group continues to become able to be less within proof late. [2] - Let's revise this: "Opposition to Obama will come mostly through all sorts of people who're truly threatened, underemployed, overlooked, and disdained." Sorry, David. "I'm not just a especially ideological person," Obama told Jon Shirley and his guests. "There's things, a amount of values I really feel passionately about." He asserted these included generating sure that everybody is "being handled using dignity or even respect regardless of whatever they seem like or what his or her final title is or even which that they love," providing a powerful defense, along with "leaving the planet which is really as spectacular because the one we inherited from our mother and father and our grandparents." Uh, David, maybe that's since these people comprehend the implications involving $6 trillion-plus inside additonal financial debt added through this administration (a large percentage of it bought with a Federal Reserve creating cash from thin air), as well as its nonchalant attitude towards running $500 billion-plus annual deficits as far because the eye can easily see. in additional words, David, Obama's getting weak approval throughout the board via Americans over 30. Obama lost amongst white voters in 2012 by means of a margin greater than virtually any victor in American history. What's in addition really worth noting in regards in order to the ponderous and also painfully extended (18 web pages) January 27 writeup inside the New Yorker ("Going the particular Distance; Upon and also off the road along with Barack Obama") is David Remnick's apparent obsessions using rewriting background and recasting reality. Great point. Few outside associated with the Beltway that follows this news significantly believe this "romantic vision" has been at just about any time any reputable desire in Obama's part. [4] - Obama's assistance amongst blacks is actually nonetheless within the higher 80s. W. Obama conceded throughout certainly 1 of our later conversations merely which it's "fair to become able to claim that I could have got arrived at that realization slightly before I truly produced the actual announcement" favoring gay marriage, in Could of 2012. Although Obama features infuriated the best together with relatively modest executive orders about gun control plus some stronger ones upon climate change, he has issued your fewest involving just about any modern President, except George H. Throughout the particular electoral realm, ironically, the country could be a lot more racially divided than it continues to be in the generation. Which is, his reelection had nothing to complete using reviving "bipartisan cooperation." Definition of "slightly before": 16 years, i.e., 1996 (something Remnick acknowledged with out wanting to explain how or even though Obama actually actually moved far from which position). Obama Plays Race Card upon Falling Poll Quantities while New Yorker's Remnick Tries for you to Rewrite History | NewsBusters For a guy with what exactly is supposedly an "enormous brain" who has been "bored in order to death his complete life" since what ordinary folks just do isn't that challenging, this truly is really a new dumb statement. There's enough proof of this within the actions, inactions, and statements associated with Attorney General Eric Holder alone, nevertheless there is of course much, much more. Obama's election was certainly one of the fantastic markers in the black freedom struggle. It was obviously a difficult fantasy in order to relinquish. In additional words, once liberated, he thought he could turn in in order to the ultimate partisan, along with that the opposition would be intimidated into rolling over. There's any lot of "the advantage with the doubt[/img]click here inside a globalized economy plus an increasingly diverse country

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AP's Hananel Weakly Covers Union's Threats Against USPS-Staples

They also would be far less capable at advertising your store's other items along with services. Third, and many critically, he does not note that the APWU's demand to get its members staff the actual Staples counters, even ignoring the wage differential, will be an extraordinarily counterproductive waste of labor. Instead, it moved "to negotiate deals with individual mall outlets rather than with your national chains as Sears." Postal service jokes are generally easy, nevertheless I should also note that USPS features greatly improved its package deal tracking capabilities in the past several years, as well as that past worries customers might have had about packages disappearing in for you to the wilderness possess largely disappeared. . The Actual union plans to carry "sustained" protests this month from Staples stores inside the san Francisco and San Jose, Calif., location in which would be expanded elsewhere. Union leaders concern in which in the wedding the Staples program is actually successful, the Postal Services would want to expand it to more than 1,500 of the company's additional stores. Your cope with Staples began as a pilot program inside November from 84 stores inside California, Georgia, Massachusetts and also Pennsylvania as a means allow it for you to be easier for customers to get ebony webcam stamps, send packages or use Priority as well as certified mail. Presumed union member Hananel at AP didn't make the obvious point, both as they doesn't understand it himself, or even because he knew it would get inside the way of a story that will appear compelling in order to business-ignorant readers. Story Carries On Under Advert ? ... It's living inside a dream world which can include the AP's Hananel when it thinks suppliers are usually going to let unionized postal workers occupy portions involving their particular stores. "If Staples insists upon continuing to end up being able to refuse for you to staff individuals retailers using postal workers, we're planning to urge people to take their company elsewhere," Dimondstein said. Cross-posted from Hananel additionally didn't note that the USPS's retail efforts didn't end with most the late-1980s Sears shutdown. Excerpts from his coverage follow the leap (bolds are usually mine): The opening associated with Postal Support list centers throughout dozens associated with Staples retailers round the country will be becoming met along with threats associated with protests and boycotts through the agency's unions. Most readers furthermore recognize that the USPS provides vastly expanded its ebony webcam stamps-only efforts straight into grocery stores as well as other store outlets. That Will could siphon work as well as consumers away from nearby brick-and-mortar publish offices, getting work through postal workers and even leading conventional post offices for you to close. "The privatization discussion can be a ruse," Donahoe stated inside an interview. It hasn't been that long since USPS were built together with a really near brush along with bankruptcy, and its finances tend to be still not within something resembling good shape. Such employees presently devote a maximum of 90 minutes during a typical 8-hour shift handling UPS customers, along with may well ultimately commit a similar amount of energy along with those who wish to help to make use of USPS. A number Of involving they're staffed by the APWU's supposed "brothers and sisters" who are members associated with other unions. AP's Hananel Weakly covers Union's Threats Against USPS-Staples Retail Store Partnership | NewsBusters If unionized postal workers occupied the particular Staples in-store USPS counters, they would not really be in any position to complete every other perform in their stores, so when any result would generally be sitting about their own hands a minimal of six hrs of every 8-hour shift. Second, Hananel ignored the actual undeniable fact that USPS's major competitors, UPS along with Fedex, each curently have big networks associated with relatively convenient nonunion list transport outlets - in comparison for you to nearly all post offices, which are separate-trip, standalone locations. Thus, its presence from Staples must be a USPS income booster, and increased package deal volume would possess the potential to increase employment at USPS distribution centers. "It's the immediate assault upon our work and on public postal services," stated Mark Dimondstein, president of the 200,000-member American Postal Workers Union. ... I haven't held it's location in one of your pilot stores, so I can't understand pertaining to sure, but my guess is that Copy center employees which already have UPS shipping and delivery duties will be responsible for the USPS counters. fails to deliver in no much less than 3 counts. The new outlets are staffed simply by Staples employees, not really postal workers, and also labor officials state that move replaces good-paying union jobs using low-wage, nonunion workers. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe stated the actual program offers absolutely nothing to complete together with privatization as well as every little thing to do together with customer care as well as driving a car up demand for that agency's products. The Staples employees responsible for that USPS counters aren't standing there all day long long waiting for consumers to walk in. The Particular APWU's very best hope is usually that its employer can construct its package company with greater merchant existence and at very best slow down its member attrition

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